Button Soccer.

    Button Soccer is an adorable variant of the real game. The game
is intended for two people, and is played on a rectangular board with
buttons serving as players, goalkeepers and even as the ball.

    The version we play was brought from Hungary, and is turn-based.
When setting up the game, each player is given a choice of five player
buttons and a goalkeeper button. The ball button is standard. Different
buttons possess different strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a
large and heavy button may not be well-adapted for striking (scoring),
but can be well-suited for goaltending.

    Once the team is assembled on the field, the players take their turns
moving their buttons, using a larger button as a paddle. The downward
force exerted by the paddle propels the buttons forward. Mastery of the
game's kinetics is instrumental in charging, defending, passing and

Playing Field: Bird's Eye View  Corner Shot