Button Soccer Buttons.

    Good player buttons can make the difference between a good
game and a great game. It's important to find player buttons that
you're comfortable with, or else you'll have a hard time controlling
them during the game when the pressure's on. As was mentioned
before, not all buttons are made alike.

Where can I find buttons?
  • Bead & Button Stores.
  • Importers (wholesale).
  • On the street. Loose buttons are all around us, but we don't always notice.
    When I walk down the street I occasionally look down at the pavement and
    find a button or two. I've found buttons in every city I've ever been to. Some
    of the nicer buttons were in Brussels (Belgium), San Francisco (USA) and
    Ushuaia (Argentina). I even found a button near a minefield in the desert,
    once, near the Dead Sea (Israel).
  • People who collect buttons. This will usually be somebody's grandmother,
    who decided it would be a good idea to save buttons over the years, just
    in case some article of clothing might need to be repaired some day.
Which buttons should I get?

    Coat buttons are generally better suited for button soccer than shirt buttons
are, because of their size. Flat buttons are preferable, as they won't wobble
when propelled with force.