Of Freeware.

    I started programming when I was very young. The details are not important.
I continue to do so throughout my academic and working life, and I realize that
there are two incentives for such an activity:
  • learning new programming paradigms
  • building an application to meet a need
Why are you telling me this?

    With the world wide web at our fingertips, the latter incentive is often diminished.
For almost every ordinary need, there exists a program that fulfills that need. And
for almost every such program, one can obtain a copy online.

So, what is this page for?

   Call me lazy, but I generally prefer to look for that copy first. Also, it is my firm
belief that for every such program, there exists an adequate alternative that can
be legally obtained for free. I offer these "best catches" of my laziness, in the
hopes of lessening careless software piracy. I mean, really...there's no need!
  • freeware alternatives - a presentation of excellent, freeware programs
    alongside more expensive programs that offer similar functionality
  • freeware without alternatives - a presentation of excellent, freeware
    programs that gracefully meet many needs in their own right
  • freeware games - free, guilt-free, fun for you and your friends