Button Soccer Playing Instructions.

    There are many variations on the game rules. I recently found
out about the Brazilian version, played with 11 pieces per side,
a round ball, rectangular goalkeepers and a larger board.

This section will describe the basic, common rules.
  • A player button is allowed to pass the touch lines without penalty.
    It is immediately returned (by hand) to the point where it exited.

  • The ball button must not leave the field. The last player button to
    touch the ball button is considered responsible, and the opposing
    team is awarded a throw-in. The ball is returned to its exit point.
    • The throw-in can be taken by any of the team's player buttons.
    • The player button is moved by hand to the throw-in position.
    • After adjustment is complete, the throw-in is performed.

  • Before shooting for the goal, one must declare his intentions to score.
    Any shots that go in without having been declared first, don't count.
    • Once a declaration is made, the goalkeeper is allowed to adjust
      its position (by hand), but only if it was within the immediate goal
      area when the shot was declared.
    • After the adjustment, the shot is taken.

  • When a player button touches an opponent's player button
    without touching the ball button first, it is given a penalty card:
    • The first time this happens, the player button receives
      a yellow card, and the opponent is awarded a free kick.
    • The second time this happens, it receives a red card and
      must be replaced. The opponent is awarded a free kick.
    • In any case, if a penalty occurs in the penalty area, the
      opponent is awarded a penalty kick from the 11m line.
These rules are probably enough to understand the spirit of the game.
Game length can be limited by time, by number of goals, or by mood :-).

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