The MathQuest Storyline.

    The initial storyline I had thought of started off with the following
explanation, given to our hero by the local police chief.
    CHIEF:    They've stolen π. Our prime suspects are 11, 19 and 23.

    I quickly realized that turning the search for π into the main plot
would cause many of the mathematical allusions to seem detached.
Despite the tingling idea of having the witnesses help with drawing a
composite of the prime suspects, it would have turned into too much
of a detective story.

    Instead, I opted for our hero to spend his time searching for "The Book."
"The Book" is the famous mathematician's, Paul Erdös', notion of a volume
written by God, which contains the most elegant and sublime of proofs of
mathematical theorems. This way, plot advances can "excuse" the
presentation of accompanying mathematical concepts.

    Opening Dialog

    A conversation between God's messenger and our dreaming hero.

    ???:    Math is a tricky business.
    HERO:      Huh? Who the devil is this?
    ???:        I am a dwarf. I am God's Instant Messenger (Limited Edition), Gimle.
    HERO:      What is it you want? You're interrupting what could be an otherwise
                    monumentally productive dream, you know!
    GIMLE:    Silence!
    HERO:      Sorry...
    GIMLE:    Silence!
    HERO:      ::GULP::
    GIMLE:    God has sent me to find a brave and fearless adventurer...but
                    they were all too busy adventuring-it-up, so here I am ::WINK::
    GIMLE:    As you may or probably may not be aware, God keeps a book of
                    proofs - a book of perfect proofs - of all the important mathematical
                    theorems ::DRAMATIC DRUMBEAT::

    GIMLE:    The bad news is that...<<religious censorship>>...and now some of
                    its pages are missing. For Christ's sake, you must find them!

    HERO:      Yup, will do. Now that we're finished with the background to the plot,
                    could you please put Pamela And...err.., Friedrich Gauss back on?

    GIMLE exits (in a puff of white cloud and memory deallocation).

    HERO:      Oh yeah, Friedrich...Hrrr...