MathQuest Locales.

    The locales are listed in no particular order. A short
description and a visual are occasionally included.
  • The Hero's Garden
  • The Hero's House
  • Hilbert's Hotel
  • The Gay Bar - Come relax with Turing and his cronies.
  • The Hospital - Where L'Hôpital finds his victims.
  • The Jungle
  • A Möbius Band
  • A Street Corner - Spare a dime for the beggar Riemann.
  • The Optometry Shop - Enjoy the spectacle(s) of blind Euler.
  • The Devil's Staircase - Let's see you climb this one!
  • The Witch of Agnesi Curve
  • The Matlab Laboratory
  • The Matlib Library
  • ƒ(x) = sin(x)•cos(x)
  • A Tessellated Livingroom
    • Penrose Tiles
    • Escher Tiles
  • The Round Lake