Desktop Graffitist Screenshots.

User-submitted screenshots.

    Users are more than welcome to send me screenshots they've
taken of creative desktop graffiti. Those not deemed inappropriate
will be displayed on this page, with due credit, of course.

    My email address is the.ngneer rat

Po' (by Po' Smedley)
Moje Graffiti Wandal (by PROGRAMY.WEBI.PL) Cartoon Doggy (by Steph Kraner)
Let it SNOW! (by Gretchen York Mosier) Trippy (by DXgeneration8)
Desktop Graffitist (by MSN.CO.KR) Champion (by CNET's DOWNLOAD.COM)
LA Lakers (by eemale3) MIS (by Yuki)
Mona Lisa (by SnapFiles) exams suck! (by Pat)
Happy Birthday Aitor!! (by UPTODOWN) Geeks were here! (by MajorGeeks' Jim McMahon)
Come WITH ME!!! (by UPTODOWN) I need more Holidays (by UPTODOWN)