Desktop Graffitist Tip of the Day.

  • (Jun 19, 2006) One more. You can get a neat bull's eye effect by
    spraying the same spot with different colors in smaller and smaller
    dispersal patterns. Also, using the same dispersal pattern with
    shorter and shorter spray durations will bring out beautiful new
    color combinations.

  • (Jun 14, 2006) Maybe we think too much. Smile!
    I'm afraid I don't have any more useful tips for DG for now.
    The program is fairly simple, which is what I love about it.

  • (Jun 13, 2006) Repeatedly press '+' or '-' while
    spraying, in order to draw a variable width line.

  • (Jun 12, 2006) If you are experiencing sound gaps/discontinuities
    when spraying, try installing the latest sound-patched version.

  • (Jun 11, 2006) You can use Desktop Graffitist for quick annotations.
    Instead of capturing the screen contents, pasting them in a paint program
    and drawing on them, you can save time by drawing directly on the screen.
    Then capture the screen and send the clipboard contents by email, or with
    an instant message, or insert them into a document or publish them online.
    Courtesy of: John from Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

  • (Jun 10, 2006) Still not getting the outcome you were hoping for?
    Try spraying with your non-dominant hand. This technique is commonly
    used in art classes, and makes for more accurate results. I think the
    reason is that you have to pay more attention when controlling the
    non-dominant hand. Keep the following in mind:
    • It's important to move the mouse to the other side of the keyboard
      or else you'll get uncomfortable, or get skewed results, or both.
    • Worst case, you can always just return to your dominant hand, with
      the new-found realization of how crooked your drawings *could* be.

  • (Jun 09, 2006) People ask me how I manage to draw straight lines with
    the mouse. The answer is I used to suck at it, but I _gradually_ got better.
    Still, if you're looking for a quick fix, you can try the following:
    • Draw in short segments. Overlapping might be noticeable
      when looking closely, but the overall line will turn out straight.
    • Move the mouse alongside a ruler, or a book, or anything else
      that's tough and straight. The angle of the object will determine
      the line's inclination. It's cheating, :-), but it works like a charm.

  • (Jun 08, 2006) Pressing 's' will not only save your preset colors, but
    will also save the custom colors you select in the Spray Can Store.
    This wasn't hard to program, which is why it is so surprising, and so
    extremely frustrating, that many programs don't bother to do this. Not
    even Microsoft's Paint, which can be occasionally pronounced with a
    trailing "in the a**" ;-)!

  • (Jun 07, 2006) You can leave graffiti on others' computers without
    installing Desktop Graffitist on them. Follow these simple steps:
    • Install the program on your own computer.
    • Locate the program's executable in the installation directory,
      and copy it onto removable media, such as a USB drive,
      a CD-ROM or a floppy diskette. DG will fit on any of them!
    • Insert the media into the target computer, and run DG from the
      Start --> Run dialog. For instance, if you copied the executable
      onto a floppy diskette, you should run "A:\DesktopGraffitist.exe".
    • Once the program is loaded, you can safely remove the media
      from the target machine (and run, or hide, or stay and watch :-).

  • (Jun 06, 2006) Scroll your mousewheel while spraying to achieve a neat effect.

  • (Jun 03, 2006) When your boss is coming, you can eliminate the drawing by:
    • pressing escape to quit the program
    • pressing Windows Key + L to lock the NT workstation
    • pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete to invoke the NT security dialog

  • (Jun 01, 2006) Use slow mouse movements. Your drawings will be smoother
    and more accurate, and you will have a better chance of fixing a mistake.
    Just remember that erasing graffiti is never an option.