Desktop Graffitist Testimonials.

    I'm happy to report that people all over the world find
Desktop Graffitist to be useful. What a nice surprise!

Noteworthy features:

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  • "It's a really funny thing, and could lead to an eventual piece of art. Small, free, great idea."
  • "paint on your desktop very cool. Free. Easy. Fun."
  • "This application fulfilled all its claims.
    I was just simply frustrated from work and hit Alt + f1 and hey presto
    I could write what I thought about this head ache of a project all over it!
    Also found it to be useful when I just simply could not separate out lines
    of code and needed to mark out boundaries."
  • "coooool."
Comments (from
  • "Fun program. Very good. Tried several similar programs and this is without doubt the most user friendly!"
  • "Very Nice...Small, Fast, and Fun.. It's a keeper.."
  • "Good times. Sure, it may be stupid and pointless, but that's what desktop toys are all about! Besides, it's fun in class."

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