Desktop Graffitist Instructions.

    The basics
  • Spraying is simple. Left-click and drag the mouse.
  • Switching between the ten available preset colors is simple.
    It can be performed by scrolling the mouse wheel, or by:
    • Pressing '1' to switch to preset color #1
    • Pressing '2' to switch to preset color #2
    • ...
    • Pressing '0' to switch to preset color #10
  • Press '+' or '-' to enlarge or reduce the dispersal pattern.
  • Save your art to the clipboard by using the Print Screen key.
  • Quit the program with the escape button.

    Additional options
  • Press 'm' to mute/unmute sound.
  • Press 'h' to switch hands (for all you righties out there :-).
  • Right-click to select a brand new color from the Spray Can Store.
    • The color you select will be temporarily added to the preset colors.
    • Press 'l' (ell) to return to this color or use the mouse wheel as before.
    • Press and hold a number key for a few seconds to replace one of the
      ten available preset colors with this new color. Like with radio stations.
  • Press 's' to indicate you wish to save program settings for the next session.
    • Program settings include which hand to use, the preset colors, the last
      color in use, whether to mute the sound or not and the dispersal pattern.
    • You only need to do this once, and the program will continue to save
      and restore your settings between sessions.
    • The settings are saved in a file called "settings.dat" that resides
      in the program's working directory. To return the program to its
      original settings, simply delete this file.
  • Press 'n' to toggle screen saver (disabled by default since v1.0.0.2).
  • Press 'x' to clear the screen of graffiti (available since v1.0.0.4).