Command Prompt Folder Background Shell Extension.

    BackgroundCMD is a command prompt folder background shell
extension. It allows you to start a command prompt (an instance of
cmd.exe) from within any directory that you're currently browsing.

    There are many command prompt shell extensions out there. However,
as far as I can tell, none of them allow you to open a console window in
the current directory that you're browsing. Most will only allow you to
right-click a folder and have the command prompt start in that folder.

    This can be quite a nuisance. When browsing a directory, I don't want
to have to go up one level just to start the command prompt. And what
about the desktop? Do I really have to browse to my user folder under
"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator" just to get it working?

    So I wrote one that works properly, because I never know when I'll
need a console window until I'm in the folder I'll need it in. I relied upon
The Code Project's excellent "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing
Shell Extensions" series. 

    Simply right-click the directory background, and select "CMD
Prompt" from the context menu. The new console's initial path
will be set to the directory you were browsing.

BackgroundCMD Screenshot